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+ Monthly Newsletter- December

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+ Monthly Newsletter- January

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In some homes and for some people, a kitchen with a simple, neutral colour scheme works the best. But in some other homes, bold colours and unique design look right at home, resulting in kitchens that really stand out from the crowd. So ask yourself a question do you want to go safe or do you want to stand out from the crowd

This year the trend is to create a statement in your kitchen that will get your neighbors and friends talking about your kitchen for days after.

2012 a year of colour, excitement and outgoing dramatic designs. This year expect to see bold and bright colours in your home and your kitchens. To achieve this, there are few things you need to consider.

First element to consider is the style of your home. Obviously as long as it suits the style of your home and kitchen you can use any colours you like.

And the second element to consider is the light. Kitchen lighting is an important element of your kitchen design, so its vital not to overlook the impacts of the kitchen lights If you have a lot of natural light and well planned feature lighting then the colors you use can be strong and bold and you will still be able to see and the kitchen will be highlighted but if you have little natural light and poor lighting then either upgrade it or choose lighter more light reflecting colors.

This is exactly what Germancraft Cabinets achieved!

This coastal themed Kitchen is definitely not easy to forget. Its absolutely fascinating what a dash of colour can achieve and how it gives this positive and lively boost to the space. What makes this design special is the individuality of this kitchen, combined with the Royal Blue two-pack and the silver brushed stainless steel finish, Wayne, director of Germancraft says. You dont see this colour kitchen every day. The kitchen had to stand out from the rest. And thats something it does with ease…

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+ V-ZUG Cooking Demonstrations

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